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19Nov 18
Unspeakable Grace: Glory > Turkey

Unspeakable Grace: Glory > Turkey

It's Monday and, in my world, it feels like one. A little one meaning well and trying to help with all the things delayed everything this morning. Before my day began, my…

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16Nov 18
Unspeakable Grace: Drop And Run

Unspeakable Grace: Drop and Run

My little starry-eyed boy was struggling with his zipper. Well, it wasn't actually his zipper so much as it was getting his legs out of his footed pajamas. He just…

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03Nov 18
Love Is A Tightrope

Love is a Tightrope

As an elementary school teacher, it was not an uncommon sight to meet a line of small children in the hallway with their hands folded behind their backs and their…

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31Oct 18

A Labor Not in Vain

Before we had a little boy, we had a slew of sisters - each so different, wired in her own unique way. My firstborn is quiet and inquisitive, almost always…

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15Oct 18

Home is Near

I stood at the end of the boardwalk, slipping my feet into the sandy shoes I had left there earlier in the day. Little ones waiting impatiently at the other…

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04Oct 18

Road to Celebration

Each Sunday, our little family would pile in the pickup truck and travel with eager hearts to visit my grandfather's farm. While other children were seated quietly in Sunday school…

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23Sep 18

A Story Worth Telling

I was one of the lucky ones. From the very beginning, I was told there was nothing I could not do. Every report card was met with praise. When I…

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19Sep 18

Sad Eyes

She was walking down the hall, just doing her job when he flagged her down and summoned her into our tiny room with its glass windows. "Ma'am? Can I ask…

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13Sep 18
Learning From Little Ears

Learning from Little Ears

I love children most of all the creatures in the world. They are fascinating to me, but none more than the ones who have been seemingly shackled with the weight…

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24Aug 18

He’s Doing a New Thing

Sometimes, life will take us places that look so eerily familiar to places we have stood before we will become convinced we are about to relive the events of times…

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07Aug 18

No Frills: Just Love and Grills

The single most important lesson I have taught my children to date is to value the person next to them as much as they value themselves. It is one thing…

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03Aug 18

Evidence of a Beautiful Rescue

As my dear friends have prepared their classrooms and lessons for the first week of school, I have been poring over children's Bible curriculum and preparing my own children to…

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26Jul 18

We Can

The shower seems to be the only place quiet enough for a mom to think straight. When I was a teenager, I used to turn up the radio before I turned…

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12Jul 18

Just Keep Running

Every time I see a grassy school soccer field, my side hurts. The mere sight takes me back to being that freckle-faced girl blowing her sweaty bangs out of her…

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11Jul 18

Pack Wisely

Summer is slipping through our fingers. It seems like this sacred window of time opened only yesterday. We start with our game so strong, don't we? We hadn't been out…

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05Jul 18

Grit Won’t Fit in Squares

Sitting on the sidelines catching up with my oldest friend as our babies, spanning from toddlers to teens, splashed and played together in the pool this evening was just what…

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30Jun 18

VICTORY- Hello July

In ten minutes, the clock will strike midnight and I will have been carried through another June. I can check it off the 2018 box and thank God He's made…

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29Jun 18

Everybody’s a Wreck

In the midst of teen angst when I was trying to be oh-so-perfect, a friend's mom said to that to me one day and I have never forgotten it. We…

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28Jun 18

Sorry He Ever Messed with Us

I laughed out loud in the dark as I had to pull over on the on-ramp to turn on the headlights in my little black rental car. It could have…

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26Jun 18

It’s Simple

I have an incredible knack for complicating the very simple. Anyone who has known me for five seconds could confirm that. Beth Moore often says she is "blonder than she…

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25Jun 18

Dance Like He’s Watching

My little girl loves to twirl and dance. She loves anything that involves a stage, microphone, or mirror. A certainly spunky little twinkle shines in her eyes as she tilts…

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23Jun 18

June 23

We sweated it out on a hayride for my little boy last weekend. His wish was to go to the dairy barn and have an ice cream party with his…

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22Jun 18

Keep Knocking

The older I get, the more I value my village. In my earlier years of motherhood, I was too prideful to admit I needed a village. Determined from birth to…

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21Jun 18

The Light of Men

I fell in love with a city over 7,600 miles from home some years ago. I have basically no sense of direction, so I am absolutely confident I could not…

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20Jun 18

A Common Cry

This is an incredible time to be alive. I think back often to how life just got better and better throughout my childhood. It began with hideous floral sofas, Walkmans,…

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19Jun 18

Don’t Follow Rules

I think I am starting to understand why grandparents are the way they are. They're closer to home. Lord willing, I am a long, long way from being a grandparent…

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