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Our church is driven by a single, clear vision and mission we believe God has given to us. Our approach to accomplishing this vision and mission is guided by four core values that inform all of our decisions. If any of these things ceased to be true of us, we would no longer be the church we were created to be.

Our Strategy

To create irresistible environments where all people know God is for them and the next generations can passionately pursue Jesus.

Our Mission

To change the way people view the church so they can develop a growing relationship with Jesus.

Our Values

  1. Those who don’t know Christ matter the most. We will do anything short of sin to reach people who don’t know Christ by doing things no one else is doing.
  2. We are faith-filled, big thinkers, bet it all risk takers. We believe God is big. We will never insult God with small thinking and being comfortable.
  3. The church does not exist for our benefit. It exists for the benefit of others, so we will be contributors not spiritual consumers.
  4. We will give our lives away by being irrationally generous. Giving is not something we do, generous is who we are.

Why ekklesia

When the Old Testament was translated into the Greek a few hundred years before Christ, ekklesia was used to translate the Hebrew word “qahal” which means assembly or congregation. So an ekklesia was a gathering of people with a shared belief, a common identity. In the New Testament, the early believers used this word for their church gatherings and it stuck.

ekklesia is a derivative of the root words “ek kaleo” which literally means to be called out. So simultaneously, ekklesia implies that we gather and scatter.

However you use ekklesia it never describes something you do or somewhere that you go, but it always describes something that we are: together.

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