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We believe in a big God. We believe in a big God who wants to spend time in conversation with us. We also believe in a big God who commands us to care and love for others. We not only show that care and love in physical ways but in prayer as well. We would be honored to have the privilege of praying for you and any concerns you would like to share with us.

Please complete the form below. Your name and email will NOT be made public and will only be accessible to our prayer team.

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Pray for BG

  • Trouble in pregnancy

    Young friend is facing loss of an early pregnancy. Please pray for her and her unborn baby as well as the baby's father.

  • Joann

    Joann Jenkins is healing well from surgery. Thank you for prayers!

  • Joann Jenkins

    Joann Jenkins had quadruple bypass surgery in FL on 3/13. Pray for a complete healing, strength during the recovery, and safe travels back in BG when she is released by doctors.

  • Minor concern

    pray the Lord will help me handle my anxiety and fears, help lessen physical pain from an old injury, and discern His will in a situation

  • Chuck

    My friend Chuck just had to have 5 bypasses.

  • So much anger in our world

    Our world is filled with so much anger and hatred. Praying that I can be a person who speaks peace to those in my circle of friends and point them to Jesus as someone in control no matter what the politicians say.

  • Son & his family

    Our son is leaving his full time job to work it part time to start his own business. Prayers for wise decision making and that he is able to provide for his wife and kids.

  • Rehab

    I have a family member entering into rehab.

  • Praise

    Family facing loss of marriage and struggling with mental illness and addiction is doing better.

  • Need a better job or a second job

    I am a single mother and need to find a better paying job to support myself and my child or find an extra job that could work for my schedule.

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